Book Crush of the Week: Books are the Future

Today we're excited to unveil a new lighthearted series here at Lit. Hitchhiker: Book Crush of the Week. What's this that you ask? Pretty much what the name suggests. Each week we'll be highlighting one of our favorite bookish things from around the web, whether it's a vintage book poster, a cool book cover, a whimsical author photo, a unique piece of book art--you get the idea. If it's offbeat, fun, and literary, it'll find a natural home here.  

For our inaugural post we're kicking things off with this charming book poster. Not only do we love its swinging retro vibe, but we couldn't possibly dream up a better message for our nascent blog. We agree wholeheartedly: there's a future in books... and hopefully lots and lots of books in our future!

Image from Late Late Antiquity.

Editors' Recommendation: If you love old books + cool photography, you've simply got to check out the amazing tumblr Late Late Antiquity (source for this great poster), for its gorgeous photographic look into forgotten books. We could spend hours browsing through it! 

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