Book Crush of the Week: Author Venn Diagram

Another week, another Book Crush of the Week. We dig this Author Venn Diagram from HTML Giant, which categorizes authors into three main writing types (head, heart, mouth) and plots their intersections. We're fans of the concept, although we have a few minor quibbles with some of the author placements.  

And, of course, one of us is just thrilled to see William Faulkner so close to perfection the center of the diagram... while the other would place him on the moon instead of this diagram, if she could. Gold star if you can figure out who's who, although it's probably not too hard. : )

What category (or categories) do your favorite authors tend to fall in to? Do you like a certain mix in your books or do you lean heavily to one specific category? 

Image via HTML Giant.

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  1. Wow, Vonnegut doesn't even overlap the Heart? They obviously didn't read him....