About Claudia

Hi there. I've given up on writing a nice presentation, so I'll just give you a list of things about me. I'm twenty-something. Modernism and rain make me happy. I like William Faulkner, Henry James and (some) philosophy. I like fragments of poems more than I like poems themselves. I take crappy pictures, don't like to travel and have no patience for movies. I am a feminist and a secular humanist (or perhaps an A+ atheist).

If any of that makes you want to know more about me or if you've just fallen into one of those internet black holes where you can't stop following links, you can also find me on Baudelairies (where I post quotes from stuff I read and complain about my life) and @staircase_tweet (where I dump links to interesting stuff I come across and complain about my life).

This pretty picture is also a link to my Tumblr.